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Lathoy Corporation is a comprehensive beauty product company created to create a healthier environment for consumers and a beautiful life.
To help protect skin and hair and improve quality of life by making good products out of green materials.
Packages that nourish the tired skin, scalp, hands and feet from various environmental pollution will be a small resting place in the weary lives of modern people.
In particular, only FDA approved materials are used, and proven materials are selected and manufactured.
Many kinds of packs and hair products make you a comprehensive beauty product company.
The Lathoy executives and employees are committed to creating a safe and reliable product for our family, and we are confident that we will continue to be an uncompromising company in the future..

Lathoy Cool Hairmask

home-grown high-end hair salon care
Polar damage care cool treatment
three protein hair coating

Bellafit Hand Care Mask Pack

Hand care at home.
a hand-winding glove type.
Highly concentrated essence hand pack.

Bellafit Foot Care Mask Pack

Foot care at home.
a foot-winding socks type.
Highly concentrated essence foot pack.

Bellafit Hair Care Pack

High-end hair salon care enjoyed at home.
a simple-to-wear hair cap.
It's full of natural ingredients!

Why do you need a lathoy?

This product is made by a manufacturer specializing in hair essence that exports more than domestic sales.

A lot of moisture

Overflowing water bomb

Stress relief

Eliminate fatigue with stress-relieving ingredients

Natural ingredients

Consists of only natural-extracted from the environment

Retained for a long time

The water bomb will last on the skin for a long time.

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